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Kothapalli Handloom Cluster
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Kothapalli Handloom Cluster

Under Integrated Handloom Cluster Development Scheme (IHDS)
Ministry of Textiles, Government of India,
Door No. 9-8-93 (E-1 Shed), (APCO Premises) Industrial Estate, Padmanagar, Karimnagar,
KARIMNAGAR-505 002, Telangana State, India.
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About Kothapalli Handloom Cluster:

Kothapally Handloom Cluster has been started during the month of December - 2008 for which the DCH, New Delhi has sanctioned funds to a tune of Rs.59.98 Lakhs for (3) Years.

  • Number of Weavers Covered : 480
    • Coop. Fold : 394
    • Out side : 86
    • Male : 427
    • Female : 53
  • Number of Weaver Coop Societies covered : (08) PHWCS
    • HWCS Kothapally
    • Markendeya HWCS, Kothapally
    • Adarsha HWCS No.2, Karimnagar
    • Sri Venkateshwara HWCS, Elagandala
    • HWCS, Bommakal
    • HWCS, Choppadandi
    • HWCS, Utoor
    • HWCS, Pachunoor
  • Number of Mandals Covered : (6) Mandals
    • Karimnagar
    • Ramadugu
    • Gangadhara
    • Choppadandi
    • Manakondur
    • Bejjenki
  • Geographical Area covered : 25 to 35 Kms.
  • Number of villages covered : 57
  • Year of Sanction of the Cluster : 2007-2008
  • PHASE - I / II / III : PHASE - II Running.
  • Period of Cluster : 3 Years
    Total Outlay : 59.98 Lakhs
    Central Share : 51.32 Lakhs
    StateShare : 7.63 Lakhs
    Beneficiaries Share : 1.03 Lakhs

Progress made so far :

  • (19) SHGS Formed.
  • Consortium body with (11) members from the cluster area and registered under A.P Registration Association Act 35 of 2001 with Regd.No.1118/2008 on 22-12-2008. And working from 23-12-2008 itself.
  • Consortium body Consists of with following members:
    • Chairman
    • Vice Chairman
    • Secretary
    • (8) Board of Directors
  • Yarn Depot has been opened at Adarsha No. II, Karimnagar, by Transfer Rs.3.00 Lakhs corpus fund allotted by DCH in the cluster program to NHDC through D.D No.888056, Dated 23-12-2008. The NHDC was sanctioned the yarn depot in the name of the consortium of Kothapalli hand loom cluster. Rs: 30.12 Lacks worth of yarn has been supplied to the member societies of this cluster through this yarn depot during the years 2009 - 2014.

Training Programs :

  • Dyeing Training Amount Sanctioned Rs.1.00 Lakh
    • Training in Dyeing has been conducted from 30-12-2008 to 13-01-2009 (15) days to the 20 beneficiaries at HWCS, Kothapally (H), Mandal Karimnagar. Training was given in Scouering, Bleaching with Bleaching Powder, Peroxide Bleaching, Napthol, Vat, Reactive and Sulfur Dyes
  • Design Development Training Amount Sanctioned Rs.0.50 Lakhs
    • Training in Design Development has been completed from 17-03-2009 to 31-03-2009 (15) days to the 20 beneficiaries at HWCS, Kothapally (H), Mandal Karimnagar. Training is given how to prepare the Design, Drafting, Peg plan, Treading Orders and Graph Designs etc.
  • Weaving Training Amount Sanctioned Rs.3.00 Lakhs.
    • Training in Weaving has been completed from 15-05-2009 to 14-07-2009 (2 months) to the 20 beneficiaries at HWCS, Kothapally (H), Mandal Karimnagar. Training was given in Double Cloth Bedsheets, Extra Warp Design for Door Curtains, Extra Weft Design Bedsheets, Design Towels, Door Mats, Carpets, Self Design Shirting, Striped Shirting, Checks Shirting and Kuppadam Lungies.

  • Managerial Training Amount Sanctioned Rs.0.25 Lakhs.
    • Training in Managerial has been completed from 06-05-2009 to 08-05-2009 (3) days to the 50 beneficiaries at APCO Divisional Marketing Officers Office, Karimnagar. The Managerial Work Shop Organized by the Institute of Co-operative Management (ICM) Rajendranagar, Hyderabad. The following Topics discussed in the Managerial Work Shop.
      • Integrated Handloom Development Scheme - Objectives - its salient features guidelines - What is Handloom Cluster area and its importance.
      • Books of Accounts and its Audit - Cash Book Ledger and P & L Balance Sheets.
      • What is SHG and its importance.
      • SHG and Bank Linkage.
      • Management of Handloom Co-operative Clusters, Consortium, SHGs and Stake Holders.
      • Quality Management, Transparency and Accountability, Quality products.
      • Marketing of Handloom Products.
      • Group Discussions by the participants on Action plan in the Cluster Area Issues:
        • Handloom Product Marketing.
        • Diversification.
        • Marketing.
        • Design Development.
      • Presentations by the participants on Action plan in the Cluster area.
  • Exposure Visit Amount Sanctioned Rs.1.00 Lakh.
    Exposure Visit has been completed from 17-06-2009 to 23-06-2009 (7) days to the 20 beneficiaries and visited Madavaram Cluster in the A.P. and Tirupathi visited the places Salem, IIHT, Weavers Service Center and Local, Chennimalai, Erode, Karur and Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu. The Exposure Visit Organized by the Orient Craft Fashion Institute of Technology, Chenatha Bhavan, Nampally, Hyderabad.
  • Supply of Accessories
    Worth of Rs.2.00 Lakhs Accessories purchased and disbursed for 100 Cluster Weavers on 18-12-2009.
  • Appointment of Designer
    Kum. Manusha Munugala, Designer appointed and worked in the Cluster Since 09-06-2009 and so for 273 Designs are Developed in all home furnishing verities and Supplied to Societies and 142 Designs are Taken in the production and 9234 pieces produced.
  • Conduct of Exhibition Amount Sanctioned Rs.1.00 Lakh.
    The HWCS kothapalli, Adarsha HWCS-II Karimnagar, Sri Venkateshwara, HWCS, Elagandula and HWCS, Bommakal have participated with their products in the expeditions conducted at Khairathabad for the period from 13-08-2009 to 21-08-2009 and also participated in the Tarnaka for the period from 14-08-2009 to 22-08-2009. The Exhibitions organized by the APCO Divisional Marketing Office, Secunderabad.
  • Buyer seller Meet Amount Sanctioned Rs.1.00 Lakh.
    Participated in the Buyer Seller Meet with the following societies 1. HWCS, Kothapally, 2. Adarsha HWCS, No.2, Karimnagar, and also participated Cluster Development Executive, Designer and Consortium Chairman held from 27-07-2009 to 29-07-2009 in the premises of the Federation of A.P.
    Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Red Hills, Hyderabad.
    The Buyer Seller Meet Organized by the Orient Craft Fashion Institute of Technology, Chenatha Bhavan, Nampally, Hyderabad.
  • Market Survey
    The DCH, New Delhi has been sanctioned for Rs.1.00 Lakh towards Market Survey was paid towards to NIFT, Hyderabad to conduct by the Market Survey. The Market Survey is conducted NIFT, Hyderabad and submitted report.
  • Dye House
    The DCH New Delhi has sanctioned Dye house to our cluster as against our proposal and now the construction is under progress.

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